What the Best B2B Direct Mail Campaigns All Have In Common

How to Execute a Successful Direct Mail Campaign in 2019 | Presort Inc.

Direct mail can provide some incredible ROI—when it is used properly. Whereas the internet can group people demographically depending on their online habits and shopping history, direct mail can reach potential customers geographically. This allows the marketer incredible flexibility to offer products to consumers who will actually be interested in them, thus bringing them to your business’s doorstep. 

Here are some common aspects of successful direct mailing campaigns and how Presort can make them work for your business. 

Great Direct Mailing Pieces Have a Clear Call to Action

This goes for any piece of marketing, not just the ones that are packaged and sent directly to consumers. What do you want the consumer to do after they read your mailer? The rest of the mailer should take care of why they need to take action, but people need to know HOW to take advantage of your product or service. 

Customize the Message to the Audience

Marketing that speaks to a healthcare audience will be different from marketing to a financial or agricultural audience. It would be easy to create boilerplate content that would appeal to anyone, but with direct mail you have an opportunity to tailor that message to the reader and what is most important to them. Research how to market to certain groups and use that to your advantage when presenting your products and services. 

Personalize the Message to the Reader

Most mailing lists include a name and an address for a prospect, so customize your mailer to speak to them directly, not in general terms. Even if all you have is a name, this takes the message to a whole new level. Customers like to feel like individuals, not merely a name on a list. And your company may approach each customer as an individual—each sale as important and unique—so why not use the same approach with direct mail?

Make It Unique

Look at your mailer from the recipient’s perspective. How does it look and feel? What kind of impression does it make? Is it doomed for the trash or the chimney charcoal starter? Or have you created a piece that excites the prospect about your business and products and provides something tangible that people can use to share with others?


The difference between the former and the latter is quality and creativity. Make sure your mailer has both. And most of all, be fun! This is an opportunity to display your company culture, so make the most of it!

Combine It With a Follow-up Plan

Have a way to track the success of your mailer. Coupons are great ways to get people to buy what you are selling, but are they buying because of the coupon or because your business is the best option? Also, clue your sales team in on the mailer so that they can help move the conversation forward and connect with customers. The mailer may increase awareness about your business, but the customer may opt for another service or product you offer. 

Presort Inc. Has Helped Thousands of Businesses Like Yours

All these strategies are easily implemented when you have a steadfast direct mail marketing pro like Presort Inc. in your corner. We can evaluate your need for a direct mailing campaign, weigh your options, and provide a comprehensive marketing plan that will speak to the prospects you want and generate real, tangible results.