Priority Mail

What is priority mail service?

Priority mail service by Presort Inc. is a fast and affordable option many of our clients rely on for their day to day or important pieces of mail. Priority mail services empower our clients and businesses customers to extract more benefits at reasonable cost. This service offers rapid delivery ranging from one to three business days, based on the origin and destination of the direct mail pieces.

Time is of the essence for many of our clients, and this service allows them the peace of mind that regular shipping does not. Rapid delivery can be overpriced, while the low-priced alternative might take eight or ten days to transport. The solution is relying on Presort Inc. for a full-service, cost-effective priority mail service your business will reap the rewards from.

Businesses that rely on us know that their deliveries will occur fast, on-time, and as promised. There's no more waiting, wondering, and hoping for delivery. We make it happen.

It is true that many our clients experience priority mail services with an average duration from one to three business days for domestic delivery and 6 to 10 business days for international delivery. Nationwide delivery service that transports direct mail pieces to mailboxes, mail slots, and post office boxes, priority mail services by Presort Inc. offers even more benefits than just quick shipping.

One to Three Business Days

Efficient direct mail services with priority mail services.

How Fast Is Priority Mail?

  • Free Package Pickup - Free package pickup from client's residential or business location.
  • Mail USPS Tracking - USPS tracking when you ship online and at retail.
  • Insurance Coverage - Up to $50 in insurance coverage for direct mail pieces with barcodes paid at retail and commercial base pricing.
  • Faster Delivery Time - Estimated delivery within single to three business days based on the origin and destination of the direct mail pieces.
  • Free Delivery - No extra cost for Saturday or residential delivery.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing - Availability of flat-rate pricing makes bulk mailing more affordable.

Presort Inc. also offers free envelopes and boxes, limited insurance coverage in case of damage or loss, and USPS tracking all included without any additional cost. We can offer more savings against shipping through online direct sales services. Presort Inc. provides a comparatively more economical option against other similar service providers such as FedEx or UPS. With our easy to use online service, we can help you prepare Priority Mail more proficiently for the mail USPS with even more savings. Easier, faster, and cheaper - everything you want in a mailing system and only with Presort Inc.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.