Letter Sorting

Letter Sorting

Letter sorting from Presort is for small businesses and individuals to big corporations and political contenders! We provide thousands of happy clients a great letter sorting experience and handle more than fifty-million direct mail pieces per year! If you communicate through the postal service or use direct mail marketing and a targeted mailing list, you need a skilled firm with a solid reputation - you need Presort Inc.

Presort Inc. provides computerized bar-coding and presorting services to its clients. We offer this online bar-coding and presorting for first-class mail such as invoices, statements, checks, and daily mail services.

Your first class mail is combined with mail from hundreds of additional consumers to produce high distribution numbers within zip codes across the country. Commingling your mail allows you to gain a considerable advantage from instant savings on postage cost and enhance the quality of mail service that you could not accomplish without the additional help of a well-renowned firm like Presort.

Follow Your Mail

Our special bar-coding allows you to follow and track every piece of mail we help you distribute.

Detached Mail Unit

Multi-Line Optical Character Reader sorter (MLOCR) processes letter-size mail with cutting-edge technology. If your organization produces vast amounts of letter-size mail, MLOCR processing by Presort Inc. can offer you considerable savings on first class mail with USPS postal charges.

The machines at Presort Inc. have above a 90 percent accuracy for handwritten addresses giving us the expertise to process smaller, hand-addressed batches along with larger, pre-printed discount bulk mailings. Also, Presort Inc. is a Detached Mail Unit (DMU), which means that there is staff available on hand whose job is to validate that all of our letter sorting is correct and handled as rapidly as possible. With the competence to process more than 35,000 direct mail pieces per hour, no job is too large for the letter sorting abilities of Presort Inc.

Whether you mail a 500-piece newsletter once a quarter or generate 50,000 statements a day, Presort Inc. can offer cost-saving solutions to your organization.

The competent and professional staff at Presort Inc. will handle your mailing with care and consideration to detail. Your mail will go out on time, prepared according to your instructions. Your mail will be sorted in such a way as to ensure the most efficient delivery at the lowest possible postage rate. See how Presort Inc. can lower your postage cost as well as simplify your shipping schedule.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.