Our Core Values

Our Values

Established on July 1, 1991, Presort Inc. has always followed a simple mission,“To Provide Mail Services at a Great Price."

Presort Inc. started its operations with the identity of St. Louis Presort and carried out the direct mail services operations from a basement situated in the historic district of Soulard, St. Louis.

Now, having completed twenty-years in the business of direct mail services, Presort Inc. has been expanded into a 60,000-square-foot warehouse. With over 100 mail experts on site, Presort processes over 650,000 direct mail pieces along with various mail services in a single day.

Throughout the entire process of growth and establishment, Presort Inc. has been persistently following the same core values that served as the four pillars of the original direct mail services.

The Four Pillars of Presort Inc.

Solutions, Quality, Service, and Innovation

Four Pillars of Presort Inc.


Our presort services are designed with you in mind. We process first-class, standard letters, flats, envelopes, and regular mail. In addition to presorting, Presort Inc. offers a full-line of printing and mailing services. Our data processing team performs address management, address data merges, file conversions, and document creation services. Presort Inc. can assist you with all of your needs for any printing and mailing services.


The Presort pledge to quality is embedded in the impression that if something is worth doing, and then it is worth doing to the best of your capability. We utilize the newest equipment for the job, and we design and follow practices that keep us well-organized and productive.


Presort Inc. is responsive and helpful to our knowledgeable and experienced mail expert staff providing a clear advantage to our clients and customers every day. Whenever you contact us, a dedicated customer service representative will always be available, ready to help you with your needs of production, printing, or mailing services.


At Presort, we don’t confine the term innovation with only coming up with new ideas that sound cool, but to us, it means constantly concentrating on new concepts that will subsidize our clients’ businesses and bottom lines. Coming up with further techniques to run our machines or working with the local Postal Customer Council to address changes within the postal community are just some of the innovations we have developed for our clients.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.