What is digital printing?

The wide variety of printing options by Presort Inc. ranges from primary full-color process printing to embossing. The customized printing options available at Presort Inc. add extra value to the finished marketing material that will be noticed by the individuals on the targeted mailing list. The advanced printing techniques lead to effective direct mail marketing and a successful direct mail campaign, eventually resulting in an increase in sales.

Digital printing is the specific method of printing from a graphics file or computer generated digital image using a high-volume laser printer or high-speed inkjet. This is used when variable data output is required. For instance, printing something that needs to be altered on every piece of paper, like the name and address of each person on the targeted mailing list, a personalized marketing material piece, or a direct mail campaign, digital printing allows for easier changes with a fast turnaround time. Higher quantity non-variable products are more cost-effectively produced using offset printing technology, which also lends itself to somewhat higher-quality printing.

Quick Turn Around

Digital printing offers lower lead-time burden so as soon as the creative idea is ready, it is printed.

Presort Inc. offers:

On-Demand Printing: Our digital printing provides you the freedom to choose the quantity of your marketing material according to what you need.

Quick Turn Around Time: Digital printing offers a lower lead-time burden so as soon as the creative idea is ready, it can be printed.

Variable data printing: Personalized each piece of marketing material for every individual of the targeted mailing list with the name and other particular information as personalization improves response rate for a direct mail campaign.

Exceptional Quality: With digital printing expertise, Presort Inc. never asks you to comprise on quality in case of variable data or lower quantity. Advanced color match capability guarantees vibrant and accurate color to your brand.

Accommodates Creative Ideas: The opportunity to engage consumers from a targeted mailing list is only as limited as your ideas. The possibilities of digital printing are endless.

If you can imagine it, we can print it. Increase the response rates on your direct mail campaign when you integrate personalization and creative design.

Our digital printing products include:

  • Use of Synthetic Materials
  • Full Bleed Printed Envelopes
  • Use of barcodes or QR codes
  • Full-color letters
  • Envelopes
  • Postcards
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • All other types of paper printing items

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