International Mail

Online direct mail services by Presort Inc.

Send mail and parcels everywhere in the world with more assurance and proficiency. Presort Inc. offers international mail that can assist businesses and individuals to improve their international system so that mailings are sorted, accurately marked, and ready to go before departing from its originating facility.

You can easily go international without any hassle! Our dedicated mail expert manager from the postal service from USPS mail empowers Presort Inc. to handle all the complexity of mailing on your behalf. Presort Inc. has the resolutions to address the continually mounting needs of global distribution for businesses just like yours.

Supported by a wide-range of postal service resources and associations throughout the world, Presort's exclusive international mail services will assist you to meet your distribution and financial plan objectives. Benefit from volume proficiencies and discounts at a postage cost one might not be able to take full advantage of on their own. For everything from postal services and flat mail services, to parcels and publications, Presort Inc. has the solutions to address the continuously rising needs of international distribution.

For those who are in need of a tailor-made solution or seek to modernize their procedures, Presort Inc. offers the capabilities and expertise to further enhance their delivery options for packages worldwide. The extensive variety of options for delivery, supported by wide-ranging postal services resources, and affiliations across the globe, can provide you assistance to meet your budget and delivery needs.

International Mail Made Easy

Online direct mail services by Presort Inc. can now take direct mail services across the world!

Benefits of International Mail

With the vast volume of information received in a post office box every day, individuals from the targeted mailing lists across the globe can be choosy regarding which mail gets opened and which mail does not. Some mail can be straightforwardly dismissed and disposed of, but we have a way to increase the odds of your mail being opened. With Presort Inc. international mail, one can give their mail a local look and feel to gain the trust of your international audiences. By choosing Presort, don't take chances on the efficiency and accomplishment of your communications of your direct mail campaigns. By sending your mail with Presort Inc. and our design team, you will have international mail that looks local.

International mail services by Presort Inc. can assist in obtaining advantages of lower postage cost, whether mailing internationally or using direct entry services:

  • Improved Expedition of Incoming Orders
  • Faster Mail Delivery
  • Enhanced Localization of Marketing Pieces
  • Lower Postage Costs

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