Flat Sorting

Premium sortingin functionality, consistency, and cutting-edge technology.

Premium Flat Sorting

Presort Inc. offers computerized flat sorting to save our clients money on the cost of postage through the USPS. The mail experts' team at Presort Inc. are the best in the country at running a premium flat sorting service, and we stay at the forefront of both technology and efficiency to save you money while executing your campaign to your specifications.

An excellent customer experience can be expected from the flat sorting team. We run numerous jobs on a daily basis and continue to surpass our clients' expectations. Presort Inc. can sort and process 1500-2000 flats per hour with their experience and advanced equipment.

Choose Premium Flat Sorting with Presort Inc.

  • Presort Inc. utilizes premium sorting regarding its functionality, consistency, and cutting-edge technology.
    • The premium sorting service at Presort Inc. uses a barcode scanner that classifies and tracks every flat processed for secure authentication and billing.
    • Our system also tracks the second half of the processing procedure to ensure that every flat saves clients the maximum amount of postage.
    • A digital barcode, conveyor belt, and new sorting technology are all located in a compact machine, enabling the functioning of premium sorting to its full capacity even by a single person.
    • Flats that can be processed to include first-class automation, nonautomated presort, standard mail flats, bound printed matter flats, first class parcels, and priority mail.

    Looking to automate and simplify your mail services?

    You can save money with Presort’s flat sorting mail services!

    Cost Effective

    The primary goal of Presort Inc. is to work with clients to make sure they are saving as much money as possible on shipping rates. With the premium, computerized, and dynamic sorting the Presort Inc. team of mail experts can achieve, any client that has an abundance of flats can easily be managed.

    Large envelopes and flat mail sorting offer some options to get your marketing material and information into the hands of your customers.

    Presort Inc. provides the help to assure our clients are not stuck with the messy details that will result in spending a large sum of money on flat mail sorting and large envelope mailings.

    Presort Inc. has a substantial presence as a Detached Mailing Unit. A DMU is a facility with tens of thousands of pre-approved flats, letters, and parcels going out every day. Since we are a DMU, we are a more cost-efficient flat sorting partner with our commingled flat mail sorting.

    Spread the word about your business, choose Presort Inc. to help you deliver your voice.

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