Creative Design

On-Site Creative

Presort Inc. realizes that every business has a unique set of ideas and budget constraints for a direct mail campaign. We offer a total creative solution designed according to your needs! Presort provides a well-designed mailer combined with an expert's insight as to what gets opened and what will get thrown in the trash. Trust Presort to share our experience with you, so your message is read loud and clear!

Our in-house team of designers at Presort Inc. will produce an original and unique design which will set your message apart from other mailers. Our group of creative designers at Presort Inc. is highly experienced in creating postcards and mailers for direct mail campaigns in such a manner that grabs the attention and drives potential clients to the business.

Our creative team of designers

will ensure that any marketing material is designed in a manner that grabs the attention of your consumer!

Size And Copy

Our creative designers will also help you identify the perfect size of marketing material. Whether that choice is a flyer, postcard, brochure, or something entirely unique, we will help to generate the product for an ideal mailing situation. An example is USPS has a defined standard postcard size, which usually does not offer a lot of space for copy. This small size demands that text must be concise and contain only the most necessary points. The copy, another term for text, also needs to be engaging and error free. If the marketing material misses the most relevant information, it could reflect negatively on your marketing campaign and business. The creative designers at Presort Inc. are well aware of such challenges and provide an appropriate design, in a suitable size, in addition to concise and relevant information.

The creative design team at Presort Inc. understands that size plays a significant role in how many potential customers will view your marketing. We've found that if brochures, vouchers, and coupons come in a relatively smaller size, they could be easily overlooked. Our creative team of designers will always make sure that any marketing material should be designed in a manner that it grabs the attention of the consumer and generates a potential new customer for your business! Trusting our designers with your company's image will give you a new look at how marketing can boost your sales.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.