Reliable Distribution

Getting your direct mail from the printer to your audience does not have to be a problematic, costly task. As your one-stop shop for direct mail services, Presort Inc. offers a wide array of warehousing and distribution services that will help make your advertising campaign stress-free. Our focus is to serve our customers with precision, productivity, and excellence in the most cost-effective and time-sensitive way.

Our distribution facility is uniquely suited to store and allocate your marketing materials with an emphasis on safety and efficiency.

We offer:

Service – Our streamlined services include complete end-to-end functionality including inventory management, warehousing, pick and pack, and distribution for a wide variety of goods. We will assist you as an extension of your business and will adjust our systems to accommodate your organization’s unique needs.

Storage – We can store your inventory for either short-term or long-term purposes. Even after your materials have been delivered we will keep and monitor any extra stock you wish to use for future campaigns.

Unique benefits of Presort Inc.

We customize our warehousing options to what you need.

Streamline Approach

Speed – The superior warehousing services at Presort Inc. guarantees the fastest and most consistent means of delivery of your materials. We will reach all of your desired distribution channels, and we will do so on time and on budget.

Savings – Our rates for transportation and distribution are scalable and competitive, and we will make sure you understand our pricing up front. By using this method, we can create a customized pricing plan, so you are billed only for the services you need.

Security – Your materials are safeguarded by an advanced warehouse management system that ensures the complete safety and storage of your marketing materials.

With Presort Inc., you can rely on our years of direct mail experience. We will guide you through every step of the process regardless of the size and complexity of your direct mail order. Whether it is individual packages or large freight, 50 recipients or 50 thousand, we will approach your order with the same precision and excellence from concept to fulfillment. Contact us today to learn how we can handle all your direct-mail marketing needs.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.