Reliable Distribution

Presort's warehouse and distribution services offer a wide range of warehousing services with fastest and consistent channels of delivery to your distributions channels.

As your one-stop solution for direct mail services, we address a wide array of warehousing benefits that includes distribution. The distribution facility is secured by the advanced system of security assuring complete safety of your marketing materials. Presort Inc. has moved a step further than simply offering secured storage capacity for marketing material that is ready for fulfillment. Our secure warehouse keeps direct mail pieces in storage for further, future distribution. Also, Presort Inc. continuously seeks out for the methods to assist you even after the fulfillment of your direct mail orders.

Presort Inc. distribution facility offers:

  • Online, traceable, unique parcels or ‘bulk' packages, transported nationwide and all over the world.
  • Competitive transportation and distribution prices.
  • Long-term and short-term storage at our secure warehousing facilities.
  • Complete end-to-end service including inventory management, warehousing and storage, pick and pack, and distribution.

The focus of Presort Inc. is on precision, productivity, and excellence in the warehousing and delivering your marketing materials.

Unique benefits of Presort Inc.

We customize our warehousing options to what you need.

Streamlined Approach

At Presort Inc. we offer impeccable service that generates the feeling that we are an extension of your business.

With fulfillment experience in conjunction with the needs of our clients, we endeavor to institute consistent management processes that will deliver goods to your customers in the most cost-effective, time-sensitive way.

At Presort Inc., we take the time to comprehend the things that are essential for you and adjust our system to accommodate these needs.

At Presort Inc. we have established a streamlined approach to pricing that puts you in the position of understanding your costs up front. By using this method, we can generate a custom-pricing plan specifically for you, so you are billed only for the facilities you need.

The superior warehousing services at Presort Inc. guarantees the fastest and most consistent means of delivery to the distribution channels of your business. See how Presort Inc. can help the delivery of your materials on-time and on budget.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.

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