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Direct Marketing Trends

By all accounts, direct mail service is one of the best opportunities worldwide in print services to increase your customer base. In addition, customers welcome it. Consumers prefer direct mail service for receiving marketing and promotional information, and direct mail marketing gets customers attention;

81% of households read or scan some or all of their advertising mail.

In addition, direct mail campaign and catalogs outperform other media in building traffic to a website, phone number, store, or other business outlets. Even the younger generation prefers mail!

  • Brand Loyalty - Use of mail to connect with your customer
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention - Programs to continue gaining return customers
    • Marketing ROI - Continued focus on returns from marketing programs
    • Multichannel Campaigns - Provide recipient choice, one channel driving to another channel
    • Personalization - Competitive intelligence, data mining, lead generation, e-commerce, 1:1 marketing, and CRM
    • SEO - Growth in spend of search engine optimization
    • Social Marketing - Spending growth, expertise of staff and agencies will be needed

    For example, 70% of consumers aged 25-34 who receive bank statements read them on paper compared to 63% of consumers aged 50-64. Across all ages, most printed documents are read more than once and often for an average of three minutes. Lastly, mail is measurable. So marketers can track and account for the revenue generated from their marketing investments by direct mail.

    Most printed documents are read in less than 3 minutes.

    Get your customers’ attention!

    Case Study

    Prairie Hawk Dental sent out a direct mail campaign for new patients. After purchasing 18,000 records of addresses within the business’ radius, they sent marketing pieces out three times over the four and a half months with the DirectMail2.0 system. Our DirectMail2.0 is an add-on service that is used in correlation with a direct mail campaign. It offers mail tracking, call tracking, Google follow-up ads to any of your clients’ campaigns, and is now integrated with Facebook.

    Project Results:

    Impressions Online: 33,337
    Calls To The Office: 324
    Revenue From Mail: $48,741
    Conversions: 112 of these into new patients

    Nelson Construction was looking for leads of homeowners who needed remodeling services. They targeted homeowners within a radius around their office with an annual income of over $100,000 and home value of $200,000 or more. Nelson Construction sent 6,000 cards three times with the DirectMail2.0 system.

    Project Results:

    Impressions Online: 645,424
    Clicks On The Website: 222
    Calls To The Business: 46
    Revenue: Over $1 Million</B?

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