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Targeted Mailing Lists

Every business can benefit from a targeted mailing list that best fits its demand for consumers. It doesn't matter if you offer a product, a service, or operate over the internet entirely; any company that uses our mailing list services will drive leads into sales!

A sales process that targets your ideal customer can take time, but our targeted mailing lists can narrow location, income level, demographics, and many other customizable segments. This segmentation can shorten your sales cycle, giving you more leads and sales.

Does your business want to gain more customers?

Build your next targeted mailing list today! Presort Inc. has the most efficient way to get the attention of the broadest group of consumers.

Select Demographics

Aiming mail services towards a list of consumers that do not fit your criteria for a particular offering would result in a waste of time, money, and marketing materials. To avoid this waste of resources, we offer the benefit of our list services in addition to access to the National Change of Address database. This NCOA access maximizes delivery chances by having the most recent and accurate data for consumers that lie within the targeted mailing lists. That precise data also allows you take to get the best bulk mail rate.

Presort Inc. can further categorize your targeted mailing list according to age, earnings, location, and household data. This will assure you that your company's marketing material reaches the relevant customers that have been identified.
Presort Inc. can also help you to choose the appropriate criteria for your business mailing list and to prepare a robust plan that will blanket your relevant market and clients with your mail message!

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