How to Increase Your ROI Through Direct Mail Marketing

Make your direct mail marketing campaign a worthy investment by following these seven crucial tips:

Although today’s world is dominated by digital technology, some traditional forms of marketing will never fade and direct mail is a great example.. If you looking for a unique outreach method to build brand awareness with target audiences, then direct mail is the right strategy for you to practice. Whether you are to showcase certain products or services to new consumers or you just want to show your appreciation to existing customers, this marketing tactic is a great way to get your message in front of the right eyes.

Here are some tips to help that can help you generate more revenue through direct mail marketing efforts:

Define Your Message

What do you want to accomplish in your direct mail campaign? Is it more sales, brand awareness, or a blend of the two? Whatever your motive is, make sure that it stands out in the eye of the consumer. Build conversational pieces that resonate with audience members. Use attention-grabbing headlines, promote solid offers, and make sure that your customers understand that it will benefit them.

Build a Direct Mail List

When it comes to prospecting, building a target list with potential sales leads can be extremely beneficial. This gives you the opportunity to do some smart prospecting so that you aren’t wasting a lot of money on outreach. A business mailing list can help you gauge the information that you are looking for. This includes contact information, demographic reports, buying behaviors, locations, and more.

Keep it Personal

Taking a personal approach on your direct mail campaign can go a long way. Whether you are targeting businesses or individual consumers, it always helps to personalize your mail pieces. Always address the recipients by their names and title of the profession. Tailor your offerings around their interests from the data collected in the mailing list. Do whatever you can to make each message applicable to the prospect.

Make it Social-Media Friendly

In today’s virtually-dominated culture, a social media presence is crucial for practically any business. Encourage your audience to follow your Twitter or like your Facebook pages. Having a unique link that sends clients custom landing pages is a great way to bring attention to your social media content. This will make it easy for people to stay connected with your brand.

Make the Call to Action (CTA) Clear

When it comes to direct mailing, simplicity is key. Too many businesses make the mistake of sending flashy mail pieces with a smorgasbord of glossy photos and textures. While this is great for aesthetic appeal, it might take too much attention from the mail item’s CTA. Don’t clutter the piece with too much information either. Provide 2-3 benefits that consumers will be able to take advantage of as a result of following the CTA.

Send Follow Up Messages

Nurturing your audience is one of the smartest approaches that you can take. Whether the prospect has become a customer or not, you want to make sure that they know you care about their business. Sometimes people just forget to follow the original promotion so this can be the reminder that helps them that leads them to take initiative. If you truly want to drive conversion and boost response rates, then always follow up with your prospects and customers.

Work With the Experts at Presort Inc.

At Presort, we understand the frustration that comes with running a direct mail campaign. There are many obstacles to overcome, but with us at your side, you’ll be sure to create a seamless and effective direct mail strategy. The experts at Presort will be there from the initial design to the final sendoff and beyond to ensure that your next outreach strategy is well-executed.

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