4 Reasons to Choose Direct Mail Marketing Over Email

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Email vs. Direct Mail—They both get results, but even in a world that’s dominated by the internet, it’s better to take a traditional outreach approach.

Technology has completely transformed the way that companies conduct business. When it comes to marketing, many choose to adopt virtual outreach methods. Today’s industry is booming with social media and email marketing. While these methods may be quick and easy ways to promote your brand, there is a much more effective approach—direct mail.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Reigns Supreme

There’s no denying how powerful digital technology is. Sure, the internet has opened the door to a variety of innovative marketing tactics, but that doesn’t mean that mail advertising is going anywhere. The fact is that there will always be a need for direct mail services.

Here are some of the main reasons why it makes sense to develop a direct mail marketing strategy:

Less Clutter in Your Inbox

Are you one of those people that reads every email that hits your inbox? Don’t kid yourself, because in the business world, most of us send irrelevant messages straight to the spam folder. The fact is that we don’t have the time nor the desire to open every email. For the most part, email advertisements are easy to recognize by the title alone. With this said, many messages won’t even get opened for that matter. According to Smart Insights, only 24.8% of marketing emails are opened across all industries, so why waste your effort when the odds aren’t in your favor?

Sure, some prospects might throw away physical mail, but that number is extremely slim compared to the number of emails that automatically get deleted. Bottom line is that tangible mail pieces won’t overload your prospective customer’s mailbox and interrupt their workflow.

More Personal Connections

Once you’ve gotten your mail piece in the possession of the consumer, it’s time to leave a lasting impression with your audience. When it comes to direct mail, three important pieces need to be put into place:

  1. A sterling design: Put your sense of creativity on display by creating a mail piece with eye-catching visuals and a comfortable color scheme.
  2. Key deliverables on your sales piece: You won’t have the chance to pitch every prospect in person, so it’s important to have the deliverables of your product or service clearly defined on the mail piece.
  3. Personal messages: Marketing campaigns work best when you make a personal connection with each audience member. Tailor your messages specifically to each prospect and promote solutions that serve their unique pain points.

Builds Greater Trust

One of today’s biggest concerns is cybersecurity and privacy invasions. Hackers are always on the prowl and looking for ways to take advantage of network vulnerabilities. One of the most common—and dangerous—cyber threats are email phishing scams. Be wary if you get a random email from what appears to be a trusted source, especially if that message contains a suspicious link. Don’t click that link because chances are that it’s just a malware trap.

Bottom line is that there are so many threats associated with email marketing, which makes it difficult for consumers to evoke trust in companies that choose this outreach strategy. Luckily those threats are nonexistent with direct mail. There’s no dangerous clickbait to trick readers with. Your mail pieces can be attached with as much as you want, and the best part is that it won’t set off any alarms.

Supplements the Work of Web Technology

Electronic outreach is a very common marketing tactic especially as technology continues to evolve. Many might think that this is killing the mail printing industry, but on the contrary; it’s actually enhancing it. Web technologies give companies more opportunities to take their direct mail strategies to the next level. Businesses will be able to create CTAs that helps boost online results for your company.

You’ll be able to draw more leads by encouraging your prospects to visit your website, follow your social media pages, and subscribe to newsletters.

Special Surprises

People get the same types of boring, plain mail just about every day, but a unique marketing piece is a great way to keep things fresh. If you really want to stand out in front of consumers, bring some pizzazz to their mailbox. Sure, a postcard can be effective, but that’s are so many other ways to pique interest from your audience.

People admire effort so think outside of the box and send out some of these unique items:

  • Colored envelopes
  • Assets with “handwritten” font
  • “Lumpy” three-dimensional mail
  • Physical stamps
  • Freebies (pens, stickers, coasters, etc.)

Trust Presort for Your Direct Mail in St. Louis

At Presort, we are much more than an ordinary direct mail company. We are full-service printing and mailing specialists. Every day, we work tirelessly to help companies pull off successful mail marketing campaigns. We’ll help you design a flawless design, generate the right mailing list, and make sure that all items end up where they need to be.

If you want to improve response rates and generate more profit with direct mail outreach, then schedule a free consultation with the Presort team today!