The power of direct mail is growing. Direct mail has re-emerged as a premier tool businesses like yours can use to reach new markets, pinpoint consumers, and spread your message to people who are inclined to act. Perhaps best of all is Presort Inc.'s ability to combine the reach of direct mail with modern analytic and retargeting tools. All of our direct mail tools are designed to deliver, but nowhere else is this ROI more evident than in our retargeting services.

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How Retargeting Works

 We can expand that strategy to include future marketing efforts based on the results of previous campaigns. It is the perfect marriage between proven mailing strategy and the best digital technology available today. The only missing ingredient is a direct mail expert to guide you through the process. Call us today and let Presort Inc. demonstrate the power of direct mail retargeting.

Presort Inc. has helped businesses just like yours develop and implement a marketing strategy that combines the exposure of digital marketing with the tangible benefits of direct mail.

Retargeted direct mail is a powerful evolution of digital media and tangible mailing.

With the right technology and the right direct mail partner, your business can reach more prospects than ever before.

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Target traffic on your website with a direct mail piece – Organic web traffic is great, but the right direct mailing campaign can combine the information on your site with an attention-grabbing mailer that is in their hands 3-5 days after they visit the site.

Set filters to ensure you are targeting your customer at the right time – Effective marketing means conveying your message to the right person at the right time. Through our technology, you can connect potential customers' or clients' digital behavior with targeted, personalized direct mail that is much more effective than web display ads or targeted emails.

Customize every aspect of your message – It's no secret that personalized direct mail gets noticed, but what if that goes beyond a simple name and address? With Dynamic Injection, you can integrate a specific image for the recipient when designing your personalized direct mail piece for an ultra-customized, targeted advertisement.

Up-to-date address cleansing with Presort and USPS – Ensure you are mailing to an accurate, updated address with address cleansing and USPS NCOA.

Convert website visits to customers with direct mail retargeting.

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