Presort Plus powered by Direct Mail 2.0

Direct Mail 2.0

We get it. Maybe in today’s digital marketplace snail mail feels old and impractical, like driving to work in a steel and chrome relic from the 50’s as opposed to something modern and supercharged. But remember these are still vehicles. The truth is direct marketing has always worked. What is dead is direct mailing campaigns that are poorly planned and executed, and ignoring new ways of sharing information and reaching your target audience. Presort Plus powered by Direct Mail 2.0 revitalizes the use of targeted mail. When tracked and monitored correctly a direct mail campaign can reach a significant portion of your target audience and will provide an astonishing boost to your marketing strategy. How can Presort Plus do this?

Mail Tracking

How do you know when, or even if, your mail will reach the desired mailboxes? Accurate mail predictability is possible with Presort Plus’ mail tracking feature. Now it is easy to know when your mail hits your prospects’ boxes which allows you to be prepared for more calls and online leads. Your dashboard is updated in real-time to let you know in an instant when your mail is confirmed delivered and even the percentage of your mail that has reached the recipients.

What Is Presort Plus?

It is a seamless structure designed by our mail experts, which will maximize the impact of the direct mail campaign all powered by Direct Mail 2.0.

Tracking & Follow-Up

Call Tracking

When your leads call you, how will you know where it came from? Does a sales rep or receptionist need to ask? Of course not! Call tracking makes following the effectiveness of your campaign possible without human error. Not all receptionists or reps will ask how a prospect learned about your business and callers shouldn’t be expected to say they heard of your company from something they got in their mailbox. Every call that comes in from your specific call tracking number will be a result of your specifically designed mailing campaign. You can even listen to recorded calls and refer to them later for training and quality assurance.


Do people really ignore online ads? They may at first, but the truth is 80% of sales are made from the 8th to 12th contact. Your targeted direct mail may direct a prospect to your website for more information. And statistically, they probably won’t buy right away since according to Google analytics, 96% of first-time visitors will leave a site without taking any action. But with Presort Plus powered by Direct Mail 2.0, you can still stay in the forefront of their mind with no additional work from you. Once a prospect visits your website they receive a “cookie” that tracks when they came to your site. Later, as they are browsing the internet, they will see your follow up ad, reminding them of their original interest. Analytics say that on average 26% - 42% of visitors who are re-targeted this way will return to your website. And when they do, they are 70% more likely to take action.

Social Media Follow-Up

Is social media only for people who want to ‘like’ their friends’ images? No. Facebook ads are most likely to interacted with because it allows users to share and tag others who may have interest, permanently keeping your prospects engaged with your product. This exponentially increases the exposure and visibility of your ad. With Presort Plus, website visitors with an active Facebook account will receive a cookie on their Facebook profile, and your ad will be on their newsfeed ensuring they continue to see your presence. This even spans across all of their devices which is good news because 78% of Facebook users log in via their mobile device and most people spend an average of 50 minutes per day on Facebook.

Direct mail marketing is far from dead. In fact, it has proven time and time again to drive excellent return on your advertising investment. This powerful marketing tool will allow you to get your message to a much larger, selective audience. Presort Plus powered by DirectMail 2.0 will revolutionize the advertising industry.

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