Create an Effective Postcard Mailing in With 6 Crucial Points

Create an Effective Postcard Mailing in With 6 Crucial Points | Presort Inc.

Postcards are among the most important items in a direct mail campaign, but not everyone uses them correctly. When your direct mail strategy is executed effectively, a postcard can help generate plenty of sales. 

A postcard is one of the most widely used promotional items. Companies send them to a range of prospects for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to promote a new sale or just say thanks to a loyal customer, postcards can help bring the right attention from your target audience. In a previous post, we discussed what you need to do to [execute a successful direct mail campaign], but this blog will expand on that by revealing the secrets to successful postcard mailings.  

The Ultimate Guide to Postcard Mailing

When it comes to direct outreach, postcards are key. But creating them isn’t as simple as printing a design on a piece of cardstock. A lot more is involved than meets the eye. If you really want to boost your response rates from your mailing list, make sure you follow these postcard strategies: 

1. Select the Right Size

Postcards are typically printed on three main sizes: 4X6-inch, 6X11-inch, and 8.5X14-inch. So how do you know which size is most appropriate? It depends on what you want to get across as well as your budget. The bigger the postcard, the higher your printing costs. Smaller postcards give you more control over letter class (first class, standard mail, and others). If you have a longer target list, you should consider building a campaign with smaller postcard samples. This helps save you more money and gets more postcards to your prospects a lot faster. 

2. Create a Stellar Design

Postcard designs are among the most pivotal aspects of any direct mail marketing strategy. You’ll want to create an out-of-the-box design that captivates audience members at first glance. Postcards with dull designs will likely just end up in the trash. Keep the font simple and make sure the message is easy to read. Support the message with attractive colors and visually appealing images and graphics. Your audience will be more inclined to participate in the promotion when the postcard is designed with a memorable theme.

3. Come Up With an Enticing Headline

Designs are the foundation, but the headline is the icing on the cake. The best postcards have to pass the eye test, but to do that, you’ll need a headline that stands out from the rest of the copy in a bold, inviting font. When deciding on potential headlines, it’s best to brainstorm at least five to 10 options. Make sure the headline teases at a solution to a common problem. For best results, try to incorporate your offer into the headline. Here’s a few examples that have been proven to turn heads!

4. Strengthen Your Offers

The objective of your direct mail campaign isn’t just to create a promotional appeal. Postcards are meant to attract responses from audience members. To do this, you’ll need to entice prospects with an offer that satisfies their needs. Present your prospects with something like a free trial, a coupon, discount, or a buy one-get-one-free offer. Whatever your offer is, it needs to be unique and provide readers with a valuable takeaway. 

5. Develop a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

You’ve come up with an awesome offer for your audience, but how exactly will they capitalize on that opportunity? Do you want the recipient to visit your website, follow you on social media, or send a response in the mail? You need to persuade recipients to follow through on the offer. Like a headline and an offer, your CTA also needs to stand out. Make sure your postcard is interactive and encourages readers to take action, but just make sure you’re ready to handle their responses. 

6. Send to the Right People

The design is complete and all of your prints have been made. It’s officially time to distribute all your postcards, but before you start shipping them, make sure your mailing list is up to date. You may need to make a few adjustments to your distribution strategy depending on who your intended audience is. 

If you’re targeting consumers, you’ll want to run a longer campaign and monitor engagements at least once a month. Small businesses are easier targets to plan for because they don’t have as many address changes as individuals. Performing a little research goes a long way, because you’ll be able to track which stage of the buyer’s cycle each prospect is in. This comes in handy when it’s time to send personalized postcards to your potential customers. 

Successfully Execute Your Direct Mail Campaign

At Presort Inc., we work tirelessly to help you make the right connection with your audience. Whether you’re hosting a long-standing campaign or just want to promote a quick sale, we’ll do everything we can to help get your message in front of the right eyes. We’ll be there every step of the way, from the initial design to the final distribution, to ensure that your campaign turns out flawlessly. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of all of our exciting postcard mailing solutions, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts!