Tips for Designing Your Marketing Materials for Print

While many companies believe that print is a dying medium, good marketers know that an effective marketing strategy includes a good mix of every medium, including print. Making direct mail a part of your overall marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to reach customers and a great way to personalize your message.

If you have ever considered a direct mail campaign for your business, you may be wondering “how much does print design matter?” A piece of direct mail is only as good as its design. Here are some tips for a beautiful print design that will make your next marketing campaign a success.

Incorporate Both Photos and Written Content

It is crucial that you incorporate both photos and written content when printing marketing materials for your campaign. Some people are visual learners, while other people will be more drawn to written content. An excellent piece of marketing materials includes both. Content should also be written in a way that allows readers to skim (use bulleted lists, sub-heads, etc.).

Strategically Organize Content

The way that you organize your content is important. For an impactful marketing campaign, the most important material should be placed in the highest area of visibility. Take time to understand how the recipient will interact with the piece, how their eyes will flow across the page, etc. The more you observe your own interaction with the piece and make changes accordingly, the better the user experience will be.

Know Your Audience

Marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. Understanding the pain points a customer has and targeting them based on demographics will allow you to target the best marketing message and images that are relevant to them. Using a creative designer, you can print customized pieces of mail for individual customers.

Demonstrate Your Services & Tell Your Story

If possible, use this marketing campaign as a chance to tell your company’s story or to talk about your services in greater detail. A brochure has the power to show how impactful your brand truly is. Use behind-the-scene photos, stories, etc. to share more about your company.

Sharing all of your services can also increase the response rate, since a single campaign may not appeal to every customer. Sharing your services shows customers who may not be familiar with your business what your core competencies are. It also builds trust by demonstrating your ability to perform these services.

Professional Print & Design Services for Your Marketing Campaign

Several printing companies offer both design and printing services. For top-quality service, contact the team of professional at Presort. We provide both professional printing services and creative design services to make your next marketing campaign a success. Whether you need brochure printing, postcard printing, or flyers, Presort is the partner that you can trust for all of your printing needs for your next marketing campaign. Contact us today!