Important Things to Know when Selecting Warehousing Vendors

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If you’re in the market for a warehouse management system, it’s important to choose a vendor that you can trust to deliver solutions that fit your organization’s unique requirements.  Depending on your industry, the approach you take to warehouse management needs to be tailored to industry-specific necessities.  The right solutions will improve order fulfillment, distribution efficiency, and inventory management.

At Presort, we believe that our warehousing logistics provides a complete range of 3PL warehouse and fulfillment management services to simplify your marketing, e-commerce, or sales distribution systems. We take a streamlined and progressive approach to tackling inventory management, distribution, and Shopify fulfillments.

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to finding a third-party warehousing company, and encourage you to ask your vendor prospects the following couple of questions:

Is the Location Secure?

When you decide to trust your assets with to a third party, you need to be sure that they’re protecting them from harm. Be sure to choose a warehousing vendor that is not only in a safe geographic location, but also has the resources to keep everything secure.  Do they have a 24/7 staff to watching guard on the facility? Do they have surveillance technology to prevent potential intruders?

Is the Vendor Carrying the Proper Insurance Coverage?

When you scout out vendors, prepare a short request for information (RFI) document that asks the vendor for necessary liability information. For example, are they going to be liable for your assets in the case that something gets lost, stolen, or mismanaged? If they are negligent in the care of your products, they need to directly pay you for the loss incurred.  They may be responsible for only certain types of losses and leave the responsibility on you to cover situations of fire, tornados, or other natural disasters.

Looking for a Warehousing Partner?

Choosing a third-party company to handle your warehousing has a wide range of benefits.  With Presort, our inventory management customers can decrease their overhead, along with offering lower shipping prices and quick delivery.  We can handle orders that have multiple ship dates or backorders. We use our years of experience as a USPS partner to leverage the shipping options the Post Office provides. We also know how to save you money on shipping with our technology and long relationship with USPS.  Contact us today to learn more about our warehousing capabilities and to see how we can streamline your inventory, distribution, and fulfillment needs.