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The key to a successful direct mail campaign doesn’t start with the design—and it doesn’t end with order fulfillment. Your success depends on how accurate and relevant your mailing list is. 

Ordering a mailing list for a direct mail campaign is a difficult process. You won’t have any shortage of options, but you’ll only be able to choose one that aligns with your budget and outreach strategy. If you make the wrong decision and wind up with the wrong list, your entire campaign can take a left turn. But what exactly is the difference between a good and bad list? That’s one of several things we’ll address in this blog.

How to Put Together the Best Direct Mailing List

Building a list is more comprehensive than just pulling data from a customer relationship management (CRM) system. An awful lot of time and money goes into developing these lists, so it’s better to be patient before you roll out the rest of your direct mail strategy. To build the perfect campaign, you must compile a list based on these critical factors:

Deliverable Percentages

Before you compile the final mailing list, you must determine how many addresses are actually deliverable. This helps weed out all the bad addresses from your prospect list. Don’t waste your marketing efforts trying to send a mail piece to someone unless your postal service guarantees at least a 90% deliverability rate.  

Updated Data Sets

For best results, it’s wise to update your mailing list at least once a month. This helps you determine which prospects fall into what categories. You’ll be able to analyze different behaviors and classify whether people on your initial list are potential customers or the “do not send” type. This also exposes you to new deliverability rates, allowing you to optimize your campaign so you don’t waste your hard-earned marketing efforts by sending unique items to dead-end addresses.  

The Length of Your Campaign

Your mailing list is more expensive the longer your campaign runs. While some lists allow for unlimited reach, others only receive one-time access depending on the contact. One-time lists are typically more qualified, meaning you’re targeting prospects who are more likely to convert to loyal customers. Tailor your campaign goals based on the type of target you’re trying to reach. If you want to follow up with multiple pieces, it’s best to set aside a higher budget for a longer campaign. 

The Number of Verifiable Address Changes 

Every time a prospect moves, they must get their address changed through the U.S. Postal Service. To do this, the postal service runs the person’s credentials through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. When developing a direct mail strategy, it’s best to pay an extra service fee to acquire access to NCOA data, especially if you’re planning on sending multiple items throughout the course of the campaign. This helps you keep tabs on where your prospects are.

Business or Consumer Targets

Who is your target audience? Businesses or individual consumers? Mailing lists are more complex to build depending on how many prospects you’re targeting. Businesses are generally easier for constructing a campaign. These campaigns typically revolve around seasonal opportunities or sales for high-necessity items. Consumer lists are usually more calculated and require a higher budget. You’ll want to develop a longer strategy to make a real impact on lists with higher consumer percentages. Additionally, it’s also best to design your promotional items based on each prospect’s demographic. 

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