DirectMail 2.0

Funnel Management

Direct Mail Services from Presort Inc. function as efficiently as a laser - reaching its targets in a highly effective manner and then providing value, such as generating targeted mailing lists and automated follow-up. The incorporation of Direct Mail 2.0 offers online advertising and funnel management services enabling you just to relax and let Presort do the hard work for you.

Our ‘Direct Mail 2.0' now enables us to offer our clients integrated solutions for direct mail marketing with the premium features of call tracking, mail tracking, and online follow-up advertisement by augmenting the program with Google's Display Network. Direct Mail 2.0, by Presort Inc., delivers the capability to precisely monitor the outcomes of your direct mail campaigns so you can reap the maximum value of return on investment (ROI).

What Is Direct Mail 2.0?

It is a seamless structure designed by our mail experts, which will maximize the impact of the direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail 2.0 Steps

First Step: Your direct mail pieces are sent to the targeted mailing list.
Direct Mail Marketing is a time-tested marketing technique, which yields leads and sales by delivering the creatively designed and worded marketing material straight towards the targeted mailing list and those people you want to become customers.

Second Step: Direct mail pieces are tracked.
The location of the mailer is always monitored with the help of our innovative barcode technology. This location tracking can enable you to plan the time of arrival of the direct mail pieces precisely, targeting your new clients at the exact moment you desire.

Third Step: Automatic online follow-up through Google
Each potential client from the targeted mailing list who approaches the website in response to your direct mail campaign is then funneled towards an automated follow-up system. Our association with Google makes sure that advertisements related to direct mail pieces are presented to these visitors to ensure no leads are left behind.

Fourth Step: Phone Call Tracking
A unique phone number is used to track the number of calls generated by the direct mail campaigns with a call recording option to keep a close eye on the level of quality your marketing material has produced.

This state-of-art mail service from Presort Inc. will bring your direct mail campaigns into the new age of marketing. Contact us today!

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