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Small (Letter Sizes from 3 ½ by 5 inches – 6 by 11 ½ inches; up to ¼ inch thick

  • Our letter sorting services are what we are known for! If you have even a handful of envelopes in your hand, then our discount bulk mail services can help you! The United States Postal Service, itself, recommends working with mailing services like our company. That way, you can avoid the cost of manual, in house letter mailing, which involves a lot of time and money out of your pocket. With our capabilities, we can process up to 35,000 pieces of mail per hour!


Medium (Flat Sizes from 6 by 11 ½ inches – 12 by 15 inches; ¼ to ¾ inch thickness)

  • For bigger campaigns—such as large envelopes and flat mail—we offer various options to get your information and products out to the right people. With our expertise in postal regulations, we can determine when it makes sense to fold a mail piece down to send as a letter or when response rates indicate you’d be better off mailing as a flat. And when utilizing our flat mail sorting mix, you’ll get the best possible rates with the fastest service.

Large (Hundreds of parcel options, all starting at 3 by 6 inches; up to 70 lbs. and doesn’t have to be rectangular)

  • In order to stand out from the rest, why not send some type of parcel? Well, with our Presorting services, it has never been easier. Whether you’re mailing a couple of parcels or a thousand, we will always have the warehouse space and the machinery to make quick work of it. Not to mention, our experience gives us the ability to deliver it quickly and efficiently. No matter the size of your package, we have the presorting service that is just right for you. We are always willing to help!