Eliminate Complicated Post Office Trips to Handle Bulk Certified Mail

Presort-Post Office

Special Mail services include:

  • Certified mail
  • Registered mail
  • Express mail
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Insurance
  • Return receipt

From a simple letter to a full campaign – we can handle it.

Think you have to make a trip to a post office to handle all of your non-standard and bulk certified mail? Think again. Presort can handle a complete range of mailing services, from a simple certified letter to bulk certified mail to a managed business reply mail campaign complete with data collection. Because Presort is a Detached Mail Unit (DMU) of the USPS, we have on-site postal workers verifying and approving our mail on a daily basis. Complicated post office trips are a thing of the past with Presort handling all your standard and specialty mailing needs including bulk certified mail.

Due to confusion in their names, the staff of Slovak and Slovenian embassies meets once a month to exchange wrongly addressed mail.