Commingled presort services like discount bulk mail will help reduce postage costs


Letter Sorting services include:

  • Sizes from 3 1/2 by 5 inches to 6 1/8 by 11 1/2 inches; up to 1/4 inch thick

For any mailer with more than a handful of envelopes to mail, Presort’s discount bulk mail services are a huge time and money saver.

Manual, in-house letter mailing is a huge cost that many companies don’t even realize they’re incurring: labor to make sure the envelope is accurately addressed, stamped, and sealed; time to gather the mail and deliver it to the post office; and money when they pay full price for their first class mail. The USPS itself recommends working with mailing services like Presort in order to take full advantage of the savings that are available with commingled presort services and discount bulk mail.

How does Presort help?

We have top-of-the-line OCR (optical character recognition) machines to ensure that your letters are delivered accurately and on time. Our machines even have 90% accuracy or better for handwritten addresses, giving us the capability to process smaller, hand-addressed batches along with huge pre-printed discount bulk mailings. In addition, we are a Detached Mail Unit (DMU), which means that we have staff on hand whose job it is to verify that all of our letter sorting is accurate and processed as quickly as possible. With the capability to process 35,000+ pieces of mail per hour, no job is too large for the letter sorting capabilities of Presort.

On February 20, 1792 George Washington signed the Postal Service Act, making it illegal for postal officials to open anyone’s mail.