Postage Metering

Save Time And Money

Presort Inc. provides end-to-end postage metering solutions that simplify your everyday office needs. From integrated solutions for an office to postage metering, mail services are streamlined specifically to your postal service needs. We enable businesses to remove the labor from postal services, mail service expenses, and decrease their visits to the post office.

Before postage meters were developed, businesses were required to spend a great amount of time waiting at the post office, applying stamps to mail or parcels, and then taking them to the post office. This was a time-wasting and expensive procedure that many businesses had to factor into their bottom line.

However, over recent years, postage meters have become a progressively popular tool to use in businesses and organizations across the globe, streamlining the course of processing huge volumes of mail services. Mailers can even calculate postage for letters, bulk mail, and packages.

Postage metering offered by Presort Inc. has made mail services in bulk quantity that are as convenient as basic postal services. We enable businesses to print their own postage and send out large volumes of invoices, billing statements, or direct mail pieces to their customers all while saving time and money. The meters application reaches far and wide. Used within healthcare, accounting, legal, governmental, and countless other industries, metering makes operations and communications simplified and money saving.

If you spend over $50 on postage monthly,

Presort can save you time and money!

The Benefits of Postage Metering

Postage metering by Presort Inc. offers a large number of benefits as compared to regular stamps and PC postage, including a 1 % concession for most first-class letters.

Postage metering by Presort Inc. enables you to apply postage to huge volumes of mail in a short period. It is a great choice for businesses that frequently process large volumes of mail services. If you spend more than $50 per month on postage, postage metering by Presort Inc. will save you a substantial quantity of time!

  • Increasing productivity through computerization
  • Reducing the individual of handling direct mail pieces
  • Reducing time-consuming visits to the post office
  • Advanced ability to seal the letters with no additional machinery

When it comes down to it, the reliability and cost savings of postage metering by Presort Inc. is tough to beat and more than likely the best way to go to process large volumes of mail services.

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