Why Direct Mail?

Target Clients Directly

Direct mail services have efficiently integrated the technological reform which has helped online direct mail services prove its effectiveness. It is clear that technology has transformed the direct mail marketing industry, but technology has not decreased the value of direct mail marketing in the least. On the contrary, our direct mail services have been improved by technological advancements in many ways. They are excellent at targeting, customers, directing potential clients to visit a website, or even motivating users to make an online purchase.

Avoiding spam and pop-up filtering is a clear advantage to direct mail over email and digital options as well. With the wide variety of bombardments of online communication and entertainment such as emails, videos, and social media, focused direct mail services from Presort are still a great option to get your brand in front of the potential customers that matter most. The comparative cost of our mailing program versus online mediums will show you why direct mailing is a great option for many businesses. At Presort, we believe in the power of direct mail!

Why Should You Choose Direct Mail?

It’s subjective, effective, accountable, incorporated, and tangible.


It is Subjective
Direct mail services have a personal feel and will address the targeted customers by their names. Building a relationship with the consumer is another trait of direct mail marketing, and the personalization is the key to make those connections.

It is Effective
Our Direct Mail Services allows for the selection of targeted demographics and the time of delivery. Our services allow precise targeting of who might be more likely to react to your direct mail campaign!

It is Accountable
Presort provides the skills to monitor, print, and target the delivery of all the direct mailing campaigns. Whether it be the calculating quantity of mailers shipped, inquiries received, or custom audience services that monitor the outcomes, we help you stay in control of your campaign.

It is Incorporated
Direct mail services can be conveniently incorporated with social media, the web, or TV/Radio media to generate an entirely encompassing campaign. Integrating direct mail services with other online methods empowers a consistent on-brand message your company will get noticed for.

It is Tangible
Lastly, direct mail services are available in customizable size and shapes including letters, coupons, brochures, postcards, and many other unique options that will set you apart from the competition. Direct mail is the only medium which enables a business to communicate with its customer using a physical form.

The use of coupons, vouchers, and QR codes allows active involvement of your consumer and merging direct mail services with technology will enable you to measure your return on investment with Presort Inc.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.