Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Direct Mail Company

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You want to make sure your next direct mail marketing campaign is a success, but how do you make sure you get the results you need? Outsourcing your direct mail marketing to a full-service company is a great strategy for increasing brand awareness and reaching your target demographic. While your company may be experts in developing your product, marketing might not be your strong suit. There are a host of legal compliance standards, direct mail techniques, and other specific aspects of direct mail marketing that companies aren’t aware of that can lead to increased marketing costs and ineffective campaigns if you’re not careful.

Using Presort to outsource your next direct mail marketing campaign can be a huge boom for your company, and help you attract the specific customers you want using your product. Below are some benefits of working with a full-service direct mail company.

  • They’re already certified: Companies with next-to-no experience of direct mail marketing most likely aren’t aware of security qualifications they need to adhere to for their next campaign. You could hire a staff internally, but that would only cost you more money and most likely subtract from your advertising budget. Working with a full-service direct mail company with experience complying with legislation like the Data Protection Act (1998) and the GDPR (2018) is crucial for avoiding costly fines and keeping your campaign afloat.


  • Customized campaigns: Custom postcard printing and mailing services are one of many helpful solutions direct mail companies can offer. You want your marketing campaign to include the best parts of your product to build brand recognition, customer loyalty, and generate interest in your company. Presort provides custom printing services, mailing lists, and postcard designs so you can specialize your campaign to your exact standards.


  • They’re cost-effective: There are several services direct mail companies offer that is available at a lower price than an in-house team could offer. Presort provides savings through bulk mail ordering, sorting, and data analysis. If your in-house team is constantly trying to learn the ropes of a direct mail campaign, then you’re already wasting money. Choose a provider that has experience in the field and knows exactly what your brand needs to kickstart a successful marketing campaign.