Why Presort?

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Presort Services

Presort Inc. is a St. Louis company that provides presort services for direct mail services including letters, flats, and direct mail marketing. At Presort Inc., we possess the resources and capabilities to maximize your postage savings and ensure timely delivery. We operate closely with the USPS by processing more than 50-million direct mail pieces throughout the year.

By combining large volumes of mail from companies of all sizes, we offer you access to significantly lower postage and handling costs than you could obtain on your own.

Our presort services empower the quick delivery of your mail to its destination in the most efficient way. With innovative programs, we can expedite delivery of your mail and offer deeper postage discounts. All of this is accomplished while providing best-in-class tracking and security services. Presort Inc. is the leading provider of outsourced mail services and presort services.

Presort Services include;

  • Letter Sorting
  • Flat Sorting
  • Postage Metering
  • Parcel Sorting
  • Certified Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • International Mail

Are you still wondering

what you can do to improve your direct marketing response all while controlling your direct marketing costs?

Advantages of presort services;

  • Quick sorting process prepares mailings for efficient USPS processing
  • Address accuracy, validation, and change of address corrections
  • Routine review of meter imprint and barcode legibility, meter dates, and postage rates
  • Invoice and statement mailings
  • Daily and sporadic mailings
  • Notification and solicitation mailings
  • Letters, postcards, and flats

Presort Inc. provides first-class mail services at a discounted cost to businesses large and small. In today's competitive environment, it is more important than ever to get your direct mail pieces delivered to your targeted mailing list quickly, consistently, and efficiently.

Are you still wondering what you can do to improve your direct marketing response while controlling your direct marketing costs?

Presort Inc. has the solution that can enhance the flow of your mail services, helping you improve the management of in-house dates while saving you money on postage and production.

  • Achieve significant postage discounts
  • Simplify your logistics
  • Save money on labor, materials, staging, and transportation

At Presort Inc., we consider the security of our customers' information one of the most important pieces of our business. As a leader among direct mail service providers, we are trusted with sensitive information we are sworn to protect. Whether it is a list of financial data from your customers or confidential medical information, Presort Inc. ensures privacy.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.