5 Small Business Benefits for Using Direct Mail Services

Animations printed on a white sheet

When it comes to outreach marketing, there is nothing more powerful than an effective direct mail campaign. In today’s age, many competitors are shifting to digital media sources for faster outreach, but today’s brightest marketing professionals are utilizing tangible mail solutions to establish a personal effect on prospects and consumers. When you partner with the right mailing company, expect to see a massive growth in your bottom-line.

There are countless advantages that come along with partnering with a professional direct mailing service. Whether you need help putting together a direct mail list with target consumers or need some extra hands designing new business cards, the right service provider will be there to help serve all of your direct outreach initiatives.

These are just some of the key reasons why it pays to have a professional direct mail company in your corner:

  • Reaches Your Target Audience: If you want to boost the response rate with your target markets, then a direct mailing professional can help elevate your entire mail marketing campaign. Partnering with the right mailing specialist is a surefire way to get customized mail items in front of the right eyes. These mailing professionals use state-of-the-art mapping tools to help identify demographic information within a specific geographical area.
  • Personalizes The Perfect Mail Pieces: A creative and innovative mail item is an effective way to capture your audience’s attention. To take things even a step further, make sure that you personalize every specific direct mail item. Taking a personal approach is a great way to show consumers that you care about their service and loyalty. If you want to execute a more effective campaign, it would be wise of you to address all mail pieces with the prospect’s preferred name. Additionally, it also helps to reference any unique information that you may know about that specific person.
  • Provides Measurable Results: When it comes to direct mail marketing, it’s important to have access to relevant and quantifiable data sets. At Presort, for instance, we are able to easily measure the results of the campaign, no matter the size of the operation. If there is a coupon or sales promotion attached to the campaign, then we can go in and calculate those expenditures and convert all other sales earnings into a profit.
  • Flexible Design Prints: Tired of standard brochures or business pamphlets not generating customer traction? Mix it up a bit with a flexible print that captivates prospects on your targeted list. It doesn’t matter if it’s a half or z-folded item, we have the capabilities to print unique items that are informative and resonate with all audience members. Get creative with different colors, imagery, and the types of promotional items that you’d like shipped out.
  • Long-Term Cost-Efficiency: Working with a commercial printing company and direct mailing provider is a great way for you to save money on any mail marketing initiative. Mailing companies have access to high-speed printing technology that will help you print thousands of custom pieces at a rapid pace. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to execute every aspect of your mailing campaign, then partnering with a reputable direct mail specialist is the best route for you to take. With an expert by your side, you’ll be able to get bulk mail pieces in front of large audiences for an extremely affordable rate.

If you’re ready to execute the perfect outreach strategy, then contact the experts at Presort Inc. today. We’ll be there from start to finish to help make your next direct mail campaign a successful one. You can count on us for everything thing from letter sorting to warehouse services, all the way to the final shipment and beyond.

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