What Types of Businesses Use Direct Mail Marketing

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Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool your business can use to target certain demographics, showcase your products and services, spread your message, and offer great deals to new customers and old.  

A great direct mailing piece is a concrete form of marketing strategy that can make a physical impact to a target audience as well as a visual one. Where TV, radio, and internet advertising leaves the consumer with an idea to buy or a few fleeting bits of information, direct mail puts everything right in front of their eyes. And a direct mailing piece is something tangible that they can consume at their own pace, scan when first received and returned to later, or used to show to another decision maker in the household when making a decision about your product or service.

Many different kinds of businesses have found success in direct marketing campaigns.

Outdoor and Home Service Companies

Landscapers, roofers, lawn care services, gutter cleaners, fencing companies, and even driveway resurfacers have found direct mailing to be an effective way to detail their services. Many of these companies do a number of specific things so they need the time to explain what exactly they are capable of to consumers who will decide on their own to contact the company and describe what needs to be done. These kinds of companies tend to operate on a quote basis for their projects so direct mailing gives the consumer the time they need to make an educated decision.

Real Estate Professionals

Realtors like to use direct mailing when they have a unique property for sale or are going to hold an open house and want to generate interest. They also know what specific neighborhoods to target and a direct mail campaign can be customized to include first time homebuyers or young families looking to upgrade.

Accountants and financial advisors

This is another sector that requires time and space to explain their services. Also, their business tends to be seasonal or highly specific which means that by using direct mail, then can pinpoint the customers they want and time their mailing to reach them just before tax time.

Schools, non-profit, and sports organizations

Again, here is another example of where the flexibility of direct mailing can bring enormous benefits. Direct mail allows these organizations to target who they want but many of them are under limited budgets. This means that can scale their direct mail campaign to give them the coverage they need at a cost effective price they can afford. And many of the mailings they need to send are for singular events and announcements which means a scalable option can better fit their budget and needs.

Restaurants and retailers

These kinds of businesses find direct mail to be a great tool to send out seasonal deals and coupons. But the very nature of direct mailing means they can control the number of discounts they send out meaning they get the benefit of increased traffic and patronage but can control the dip in revenue much more closely.

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