What is Seamless Acceptance and Why Should You Care?

This is a time for change in the mailing industry. The digital age has brought about an abundance of new needs: results, results, RESULTS…all at a faster rate. The USPS and general mailing industry—long steeped in whispers of its own demise—is looking for ways to adapt, and they are doing just that! Seamless Acceptance is a product of this innovation and is a relatively new and exciting development.

What is it?

Basically, it’s an automated system for mail. Automated = faster. Using electronic documentation from the mailer, the mail-entry process has become more simplified. This means that the commercial bulk mail does not have to be physically verified by a clerk anymore. Instead, the Intelligent Mail Barcode provided by the USPS will be scanned to verify that the proper postage is collected and that mail meets applicable acceptance thresholds. Then it is ready to go out. Once mailed, the USPS sends a scorecard to measure mailer’s compliance. It is a report card of sorts for the mailers and there is always room for improvement!

It answers these key questions:

Have all the pieces been paid for?

Is it prepared correctly by the mailer?

Are the pieces addressed accurately?

What’s the process?

What’s the mailer scorecard?

Seamless Acceptance is one of four initiatives of the USPS to streamline the mailing process for speed and success. After the process is complete each month, they send mailers a scorecard that evaluates mail preparation and quality against established thresholds. This includes a graph-based snapshot of the verification results including nesting/sortation, undocumented, FS mail volume, etc.

And since we have nothing to hide, here is an example of our scorecard:

Why should you care?

Seamless acceptance is a way for the USPS to continually evolve and keep up with the times, while also keeping mailers in check. Mailers, like us for example, take these scorecards and improve each time. As you can see above, there is always room for improvement. We will grow and we will get even better, which means faster and better results for you! Overall improved mail quality is a featured benefit of the Seamless Acceptance initiative. Look below for some more benefits.


  • Shorter processing time/longer mail production cycle
  • Process automation (remember: automated = faster!)
  • Increased visibility and insight
  • A standard acceptance & verification process
  • Reduces complexity
  • Auto-finalization puts postage payment into the control of the mailer
  • Flexibility of Mail preparation