Thinking Outside the Mailbox

We offer a comprehensive range of mailing, marketing and warehousing services


Direct Mail & Warehousing Services

Everything to help with your project from start to finish.

Presort Services

a complete line of commingled presort and specialty mail services.

We continually improve our machines, our methods, and our knowledge base to make sure that we can provide every mail-related service our customers need.

  • Detached Mail Unit

    Presort is a DMU for the United States Postal Service, which gives us access to on-site postal workers verifying and approving our mail on a daily basis. We also have immediate support any assistance we need with USPS guidelines or paperwork.

  • State-of-the-art equipment

    We can process up to a million pieces of mail a day with experienced employees and smart automation from companies like Konica-Minolta, Buhrs, NPI.

  • Secure facility

    We know how important mail security is to your business. In addition to maintaining a secure facility, we run yearly background checks on all our employees, and have experience working with HIPAA compliant mailings.

  • Manager of Postal Relations

    In addition to the DMU, we have a dedicated staff person whose job it is to maintain current knowledge of ever-changing USPS regulations and automation improvements.

  • Total Quality Management

    The program helps commercial mailers and the USPS work together to implement realistic quality control measures and standardized assessment procedures. Presort’s strong commitment to Quality Assurance has earned us a perfect score (100%) on our last four external MPTQM reviews.

  • Warehousing

    With 60,000 square feet of warehouse space and comprehensive manual and automated fulfillment capabilities, Presort is a perfect choice for a dropship partner.