Pros of Purchasing a Business Mailing List for Your Direct Mail Campaign

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You hear it all the time: “print is dead.” While companies are migrating to online advertisements and allocating less time and resources toward direct mail campaigns, there are still several benefits to the old-fashioned way. Purchasing a direct mail marketing list might seem like an unusual step to take in a marketing environment that’s become increasingly technology-driven, but it still represents one of the most effective ways to attract customers. Here are some pros of purchasing a business mailing list for your next direct mail campaign.

  • Target your specific audience: Why send mail to anyone other than the customers you want? Purchasing a business mailing list gives you access to specific demographics that are more likely to want your products or services. Generating a list can be difficult, but when you develop a list based on factors like age, income, gender, ethnicity, and location, you’re only improving your chances of someone wanting your specific service. Targeted mailing strategies allow for you to build your business database without having to worry about several different variables, like who your audience is and what they’re interested in.


  • Build your database: Tracking your direct mail marketing information gives you the opportunity to account for response rates. You can track your advertisements by including coupons—the barcode or promo code on the coupon is a great way to collect accurate data about where, when, and how that coupon was used compared to when you started your campaign.


  • Include more in-depth information: A tweet can only have so many characters. When people are surfing the internet, there are countless other sites they can go to without a second thought. Instagram might look great, but how often do people exit out and go to a different app within a few seconds? With direct mail, you can include much more information that can’t be conveyed in a social media post or email. Give your audience all of the information they need to know!


  • Build your customer base: Purchasing a business mailing list is a great way to expand your audience base. If you have the means to purchase a list, then the sky’s the limit for how large you want your audience to be.