Presort Report: Campaign payback increases by 20% when using direct mail!

If you need to be convinced that direct mail still works, then just look at the study done by Printing Industries of America. When you weave direct mail efforts into your normal marketing campaign, the payback increases by an impressive 20%! That number sounds pretty good to us! Which is why we thought we’d give you 20 other facts about direct mail and ways to take full advantage of that 20%

  1. Direct mail is one of the most efficiently measurable marketing mediums
  2. With steady response rates over the many years, constant data makes direct mail consistently efficient
  3. 67% of online searches begin with seeing a direct mail publication
  4. 39% of those people actually go through with the purchase
  5. Those shoppers who receive a piece of direct mail spend an average of 13% more in their later purchases.
  6. 94% of people judge a piece by visual appearance
  7. They also make subconscious judgments about it within 90 seconds of initial viewing.
  8. For high impact when people receive direct mail, use odd format in order to create interest. Bulkier shapes, though more expensive, claim a high interest, so therefore they are more opened.
  9. Adding full color to a mail piece increases response rate by 45%. Using color makes it seem more exclusive than your average white.
  10. Color theory #1: Red themed mail pieces might denote love, life or warning
  11. Color theory #2: white themed mail pieces might denote cleanliness, purity or hope.
  12. Color theory #3: blue themed mail pieces might denote tranquility, trust or productivity
  13. Color theory #4: yellow themed mail pieces might denote warmth, support or liveliness
  14. Color theory #5: green themed mail pieces might denote growth, wealth or the environment.
  15. First impressions leave a heavy mark so be sure to have your direct mail piece branded, informative and well-designed.
  16. Can also incorporate laminate, special varnishes, foil blocking and tabbing. Get creative! (We can help!)
  17. 56% of people welcome mail that gives them useful information.
  18. 73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product info and offers (compared to only 28% who wanted emails)
  19. 40% of consumers say that they have tried a new business after they received a direct mail piece.
  20. On top of the 20% payback, you also receive an ROI of $12.57 in sales