How Direct Mail Works with Digital Marketing Strategies

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At first glance, direct mail and digital marketing strategies don’t seem like they’d go hand-in-hand—in fact, most people see them as different as night and day, separated by a firm generational line. So, how can direct mail marketing strategies coexist in a landscape seemingly dominated by more modern virtual marketing? First of all, it’s important to note that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Having a toe in each pool makes for an altogether well-rounded marketing approach and gives your company the best chance of reaching a broader audience. Here are some helpful ways a direct mail marketing campaign can not only coexist with your digital rollout but supplement it and increase your reach.

  • It gives your audience something to hold on to

Sure, sending an email is quicker than direct mail. But how much more cluttered is the average person’s inbox compared to their mailbox? Giving your audience something tangible to hold on to brings your company to life—you’re not a little box they can click out of without a second thought. Electronic information is significantly easier to discard and more difficult to trust. Direct mail marketing companies hone in on the idea that a letter is something personal that arrives at your specific home, rather than a simple email sent to hundreds or even thousands of people.

  • Your direct mail can actually direct traffic to your digital platform

It might seem like a roundabout way to generate web traffic, but including information in your direct mail is a great way to increase brand awareness and let people know about what next steps they need to take to use your product. Business owners rely on direct mail companies to generate urgency for their services by including helpful information in a letter; it’s easier to include more content in a letter than it is in a Tweet or Instagram post.

  • It’s cost-effective

Using a direct mail marketing strategy can result in significant cost savings for your next campaign. Presort’s customers save on marketing mail orders, so they can reach their target audience while spending less money than they would have had they just used a digital marketing strategy. With more money left over to spend on your digital marketing, you can have the best of both worlds.

  • It feels more personal

When building up your content before your next campaign launch, make sure that the targeted advertisements you’re sending out into the world are personal and specific. You don’t want your letter to simply end up in the junk mail pile. Digital marketing strategies are meant to reach a broad audience in as little time as possible, while letters—whether they’re envelope mailers, postcards, self-mailers, or other marketing materials—still have that personalized feel that digital marketing can’t lay claim to. Sure, everyone might be using social media these days (You should be, too!), but there’s still something to be said for the effectiveness of direct mail.

  • You can target a specific audience (and quantify useful data)

You’re probably wondering how direct mail marketing companies can claim that they can target audiences with the same precision and reporting capabilities as a digital marketing company. But direct mail campaigns rely on unique mailing lists to identify their target demographics, so their product reaches a specific audience that fits perfectly with their brand identity. Including coupons with barcodes also enables specific tracking, so you can see exactly where and how your audience used your product.

Give your business the best chance of achieving success—don’t limit yourself to one specific marketing strategy when you can have the best of both worlds.