Project Fulfillment

One-Stop Solutions

What makes Presort Inc. stand out from other fulfillment services? Direct mail services by Presort will do more for you from start to finish. In fact, Presort Inc. is the one-stop solution for direct mail marketing and fulfillment services. Presort Inc. views direct mail management fulfillment as a strategic partnership with your business, and we will provide tailored solutions designed to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and give you a great overall experience. You could look far and wide, but you wouldn't find another partner who can offer a more comprehensive end-to-end solution for the fulfillment of a sophisticated direct mail marketing and distribution burst.

Presort Inc. offers tailor-made solutions to decrease costs and enhance work productivity. Our integrated system saves you time and money with simple and sophisticated solutions personalized for the fulfillment requirements of direct mail marketing. Since we operate a state-of-the-art fulfillment center, we use advanced web-based technology to offer access to online tracking of direct mail pieces, unlike any other business.

Whether you require mail experts to manage direct mail orders, create marketing materials, direct mail pieces, or need an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) partner, Presort Inc. has the right mix of customized mail services.

Presort Inc. offers a wide range of automated mail services, covering everything a business could need to get their message out to their targeted mailing list, in the way they want it delivered. We have best-in-class automated mail services that allow us to handle all of your client notification, billing, and other automated mail services. Our broad experience with postal service requirements, combined with our prominence as a "Detached Mailing Unit" with USPS staff on site, allows us to offer our clients a hassle-free automated mailing fulfillment.

Presort Inc. regularly updates its technology and training.

We ensure that every direct mail piece we process will pass mail standards set by the USPS.

Automation Fulfillment Services:

  • Ink-Jet Addressing
  • Inserting
  • Polybag
  • Fugitive Glue
  • Labeling
  • Sealing
  • Matching
  • Machine Stamping
  • Scratch-Offs

Manual Fulfillment Services:

  • Manual Inserts
  • Manual Polybag
  • Manual Sealing
  • Manual Collating
  • Manual Folding
  • Manual Sorting
  • Fugitive Glue

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.