Our team

Our Team

Get the contact information here including our dedicated helpline to get in touch with our direct mail service experts or the e-mail addresses of our critical members of the team!

At Presort Inc., we offer you easy access to get in touch with our mail experts through our helpline so you can speak directly to our specialists. Our clients and customers can dial (314) 771-7678 to reach out and get advice related to their mail services, business information, and individual needs.

Call a Specialist at Presort Inc.

by dialing (314) 771-7678

Management Team at Presort Inc.

Manager of Customer Accounts
Mike Rupp
[email protected]

Sales Representatives

Ken Joyce
[email protected]

Jim Shulte
[email protected]

Jeromy Fritz
[email protected]

Mark Schaetzel
[email protected]

Faith Smith
[email protected]

Account Managers

Terra Tan
[email protected]

Regina Beauchaine
[email protected]

Nancy Kerckhoff
[email protected]

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.

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