Why Direct Mail Matters for Your Political Campaign

Direct Mail Political Campaigns Are More Effective Than You Think!

Political ads—you see them all the time, good or bad. This candidate hates puppies; how can they possibly be trusted to run our great state? Or, since they announced their candidacy for Governor, over five people have said that they’ve personally witnessed him pick his nose in public!!! Is this someone you want making decisions for your taxes?  It’s easy to think that this is the only way a political campaign is won (or lost—who would vote for someone who hates puppies?), but a lot of elections come down to more than just commercials. After all, buying up ad space on TV can cost a fortune, and a lot of candidates don’t have room in their budget for just one type of campaign.

That’s where political mailing lists can be a huge boon for your campaign—instead of a big, fancy (and mean) ad, pivot to a medium that’s plenty reliable and only costs a fraction of the price. We’ve outlined some of the key benefits of a direct mail campaign, and what steps you need to take to make sure that your targeted audience reads and listens to what you have to say.

Effective, cost-controlled marketing

When you’re deciding which direction to go in for your political campaign, your budget is undoubtedly one of the most important things that you need to consider. Why waste all your money on one medium, when you can diversify your options while still reaching your target audience? Direct mail is a cost-effective method of reaching the people you want to reach. Compiling a mailing list is relatively easy—you can choose voters that are active participants in local politics (you can see how many elections they’ve voted in recently), which party they vote for, what precinct they voted in, and where they’re registered to vote.

How to avoid the garbage can with your mail

Now that you’ve determined who you want to target with your mail campaign, how do you make sure they don’t immediately toss it away, never to be read again? While some voters that take a little more time to read what you have to say, the vast majority of recipients will barely skim your mail before throwing it away almost immediately. There’s not much that you can do to change what people do with their mail (some people would rather not receive mail at all), but you can certainly change the content of your letter to get your message across more effectively. You want to let your voters know why you’re running for office in as little time as possible—delivering a message that is too granular, issue-specific, you risk accelerating your trip to the trash can. Two key parts of a direct mail campaign are:

  • Raising name awareness
  • Highlighting your message/emphasizing negatives about your opponent

If there’s one thing you want the reader to see, it’s your name. Soon, they might be asked, “are you voting in the local election?” They may not have the best idea yet, but at the very least they’ll know your name. If there’s another thing that you want them to see, it’s what you do well, or what your opponent doesn’t do well. As long as you’re effective in your brand positioning, you’ll be able to reach the audience you want with minimal hassle.


Millennials and Direct Mailing

The internet is an indispensable part of everyday life for nearly everyone. Some more so than others, as millennials are spending a lot of time online, reading blogs, browsing social media, reading email. The internet provides everything that used to be done by leaving the house. If you had a question about a topic you went to the library and looked it up. Entire networks were based around buying but you still had to leave the house to do most of your shopping. And when it comes to letters and postcards, do millennials read their snail mail, or even know it exists? Why would a generation used to instant gratification have any patience for direct mail marketing?

The fact is that direct mail is an extremely effective tool for reaching consumers of any age or demographic, including young people. Millennials respond well to direct marketing and here is why.

They respond well to targeted advertising – Just as Google uses your browsing history to prompt advertising, so does direct mail, albeit in physical form. The same online methods used to gather consumer data that allows brands to target individual consumers with accuracy can be used to great effect with direct mailing campaigns. Instead of sending mass postcards, marketers can clearly define an audience and tailor the message to them.

There is no substitute for physical marketing materials – Rather than being gradually replaced by online advertising, postcards and brochures are integrated with online materials creating a combined experience into a unified brand. All a postcard needs to direct an interested millennial to more information, or an online order form, is a QR code and a spare minute.

Individuals that grew up in the digital world still read the mail – Even mailings that are considered “junk mail” are still read and sorted by millennials on a daily basis. And the response rate for millennials to direct mailing campaigns is equal to or in some cases greater than older generations.

Direct mail gives you the opportunity to show off your brand – You can be authentic in direct mailing offerings.  Since you control the entire message, how it is presented, and most importantly, who gets it, you can use the opportunity to show a strong, cohesive brand identity which is something that appeals to millennials. When you treat your customer as a human being, create a sense of connection with the individual consumer, and humanize your brand, you are appealing to this new demographic regardless of how long your brand has been around.

Millennials don’t ignore snail mail because it is old, they do so because it is irrelevant to them. Your marketing can be tailored specifically to this demographic and with precise market research and a fantastic and eye-catching design, your direct mailing campaign can indeed reach millennials. Call Presort today. We know how to design a campaign that will help you achieve these goals.

How to Use Variable Data to Improve Direct Mail Response

Variable data is a powerful tool for brands who are trying to send a targeted message to their customers. Variable printing is another term for personalized printing. It allows for the personalization of direct mail without slowing down the production process.

Digital print tactics are so effective yet so underutilized. The ability to target customers and still get a print job done quickly is beneficial for sending a marketing message via direct mail. Here are six ways that you can improve direct mail response by incorporating variable data into your printing for marketing materials.

Localized Marketing

The point of a targeted piece of mail is typically to make a sale. This is easier to do if you provide location-specific information to your customer. Ways that you could do this include:

  • Provide a URL or QR code to a specific webpage that’s custom to that recipient’s city
  • Include a coupon that’s only valid at that customer’s closest location
  • Talk about a particular event or sale going on at the store in that customer’s town

Whatever location-specific information you decide to include is entirely up to you. It’s variable and can be changed for each piece of mail, get creative!


Personalization is a very effective method of variable data printing (VDP) to create actionable conversations with your members and show that you are invested in their participation. Personalization can range from very small and simple to something very unique. With variable data, the possibilities are endless.

Examples of personalization in direct mail used variable data include:
  • Addressing the customer by name instead of saying “Dear Member”
  • If a customer recently moved to a new address, mentioning this in the mail piece
  • Tailoring each mail piece to the preferences or interests of your customers through changes in font size, background color, images, altering the content, etc.
  • Sending a customized message to customers based on demographics or behavioral attributes (past purchases, recent purchases, etc.)
  • Special offers for frequent or long-time customers

And the customization doesn’t stop there. Variable data allows companies to get very creative with their marketing campaigns. Instead of having thousands of completely identical brochures, pamphlets, pieces of mail, etc., marketers can use variable data printing to create customized mail pieces in the same amount of time.

High-Quality Digital Printing Services in St. Louis, MO

Variable data printing can help your customers feel more valued, and therefore, they will be more inclined to make a purchase. If you are looking to personalize your marketing materials, our printing services at Presort can help. For professional digital printing services and customization through variable data, contact Presort.

5 Advantages in Outsourcing Your Statement Printing Needs

Printing and mailing may not seem like a difficult task; but when you’re a business, it can be a huge burden. Not only is it a lot of work to get the mail out accurately and on-time, but it also uses a lot of time and resources.

If you print, assemble, and mail your monthly statements in-house instead of utilizing printing and mailing services, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reduce costs, save time, and make better use of your employees. Here are five reasons why you should outsource your printing needs.

Gives You Control Over the Process

A dedicated provider can provide top-notch printing services. Most businesses don’t have this same infrastructure or technology in-house. Between the state-of-the-art equipment and the expert staff, a print and mail provider can focus on small tasks and easily make last-minute changes. All of the capabilities that you wouldn’t have had in-house are available with a printing and mailing provider.

Reduce Errors

A business specializing in print and mailing services can focus specifically on providing accurate statements. These companies focus on accurate printing and inspecting, ensuring that your mail has minimal errors. Minimizing errors helps your business maintain a good reputation and keeps your customers happy.

Save Money

Quite possibly the biggest reason to outsource printing and mailing services—the cost savings. Many business owners assume outsourcing printing and mailing will be too costly; when in fact, it saves money. By making use of a printing service provider, you save money on materials and labor. Taking advantage of a provider’s volume discounts is far less costly than investing in sophisticated equipment and paying maintenance costs.

Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Working with a provider allows you to send a targeted message to your customers. Many provider’s offer creative design as a part of their mailing services. Utilizing this service will enable you to work with a talented team of designers who will ensure that your marketing material is designed in a manner that grabs the attention of your consumer. Many providers also offer list services, allowing you to build targeted mailing lists based on various demographics. A targeted message will always work better than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Focus on Your Business

If printing and mailing aren’t a part of your business, then why should you be focused on it? When you outsource printing and mailing, your valuable time can be invested in your business. You can focus on doing what you do best while your provider handles the rest.

Top Quality Printing & Mailing Services

Whether you need bank statement printing services or mail services for a more creative marketing campaign, Presort’s printing and mailing services are top-notch and can help your business save both time and money. Contact Presort for your printing and mailing needs today.

4 Digital Printing Advantages You Should Know for your Next Print Job

Many printing projects require quick turnaround times and variable data. This is where digital printing comes in. Digital printing is the specific method of printing directly from a graphics file or computer-generated digital image using a high-volume laser printer or high-speed inkjet printer.

Printing has made huge advancements over the years, and there are several advantages to digital printing that would make it an excellent option for your printing needs. Here are four benefits of digital printing services that you should know for your next printing project.

On-Demand Printing

When you print from a digital source, you have the freedom to choose the exact quantity you need for a particular marketing piece. Long gone are the “old days” of printing. You used to have to order large amounts of your piece of mail and store extras for future use. With digital printing, you print only what you need when you need it.

Quick Turnaround Time

One significant advantage of digital printing is the fast response time. There is minimal setup required, and the color is taken care of easily with a built-in color registration system that offers advanced color capabilities. Shorter lead times mean your job can be printed as soon as the creative production is completed.

Variable Data Printing

With the analog printing process, each customization had to be a different printing job. Digital media allows you to personalize each piece of marketing material. Each piece can be tailored to the audience it aims to reach. This is a powerful advantage when you are working from a target list. Even a small personal touch like a personalized greeting improves the response rate for a direct mail campaign. With digital printing, these customizations are possible and require no time at all.

Higher Quality & Options are Limitless

Choosing digital doesn’t mean compromising on quality. With digital printing, you can color match your data and this capability will guarantee accurate and vibrant color for the entirety of your project. You can also print using white ink, allowing you to get creative with marketing campaigns. Additionally, since digital is a non-contact form of printing (it doesn’t use plates), you can get creative with your material. Delicate fabrics and extremely thin paper can withstand the process of digital printing. With such a wide variety of colors and materials to choose from, it’s easy to see why digital printing is a popular option for direct mail campaigns.

High-Quality Digital Printing Services in St. Louis, MO

Presort, Inc. is a print shop that takes customer satisfaction to the next level. No matter what your idea may be for your direct mail campaign, we can bring your ideas to life. Contact Presort to find out how digital printing can help you engage with your customers.

Tips for Designing Your Marketing Materials for Print

While many companies believe that print is a dying medium, good marketers know that an effective marketing strategy includes a good mix of every medium, including print. Making direct mail a part of your overall marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to reach customers and a great way to personalize your message.

If you have ever considered a direct mail campaign for your business, you may be wondering “how much does print design matter?” A piece of direct mail is only as good as its design. Here are some tips for a beautiful print design that will make your next marketing campaign a success.

Incorporate Both Photos and Written Content

It is crucial that you incorporate both photos and written content when printing marketing materials for your campaign. Some people are visual learners, while other people will be more drawn to written content. An excellent piece of marketing materials includes both. Content should also be written in a way that allows readers to skim (use bulleted lists, sub-heads, etc.).

Strategically Organize Content

The way that you organize your content is important. For an impactful marketing campaign, the most important material should be placed in the highest area of visibility. Take time to understand how the recipient will interact with the piece, how their eyes will flow across the page, etc. The more you observe your own interaction with the piece and make changes accordingly, the better the user experience will be.

Know Your Audience

Marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. Understanding the pain points a customer has and targeting them based on demographics will allow you to target the best marketing message and images that are relevant to them. Using a creative designer, you can print customized pieces of mail for individual customers.

Demonstrate Your Services & Tell Your Story

If possible, use this marketing campaign as a chance to tell your company’s story or to talk about your services in greater detail. A brochure has the power to show how impactful your brand truly is. Use behind-the-scene photos, stories, etc. to share more about your company.

Sharing all of your services can also increase the response rate, since a single campaign may not appeal to every customer. Sharing your services shows customers who may not be familiar with your business what your core competencies are. It also builds trust by demonstrating your ability to perform these services.

Professional Print & Design Services for Your Marketing Campaign

Several printing companies offer both design and printing services. For top-quality service, contact the team of professional at Presort. We provide both professional printing services and creative design services to make your next marketing campaign a success. Whether you need brochure printing, postcard printing, or flyers, Presort is the partner that you can trust for all of your printing needs for your next marketing campaign. Contact us today!


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Pros of Purchasing a Business Mailing List for Your Direct Mail Campaign

You hear it all the time: “print is dead.” While companies are migrating to online advertisements and allocating less time and resources toward direct mail campaigns, there are still several benefits to the old-fashioned way. Purchasing a direct mail marketing list might seem like an unusual step to take in a marketing environment that’s become increasingly technology-driven, but it still represents one of the most effective ways to attract customers. Here are some pros of purchasing a business mailing list for your next direct mail campaign.

  • Target your specific audience: Why send mail to anyone other than the customers you want? Purchasing a business mailing list gives you access to specific demographics that are more likely to want your products or services. Generating a list can be difficult, but when you develop a list based on factors like age, income, gender, ethnicity, and location, you’re only improving your chances of someone wanting your specific service. Targeted mailing strategies allow for you to build your business database without having to worry about several different variables, like who your audience is and what they’re interested in.


  • Build your database: Tracking your direct mail marketing information gives you the opportunity to account for response rates. You can track your advertisements by including coupons—the barcode or promo code on the coupon is a great way to collect accurate data about where, when, and how that coupon was used compared to when you started your campaign.


  • Include more in-depth information: A tweet can only have so many characters. When people are surfing the internet, there are countless other sites they can go to without a second thought. Instagram might look great, but how often do people exit out and go to a different app within a few seconds? With direct mail, you can include much more information that can’t be conveyed in a social media post or email. Give your audience all of the information they need to know!


  • Build your customer base: Purchasing a business mailing list is a great way to expand your audience base. If you have the means to purchase a list, then the sky’s the limit for how large you want your audience to be.


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5 Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

There’s more emphasis than ever on digital marketing strategies and ubiquitous social media marketing these days. However glued people may seem to their computers and smartphones, it’s hard to beat the specificity and data collection of direct mail advertising. When done correctly, direct mail marketing can be a valuable asset for your outbound marketing strategy; unlike virtual marketing, direct mail gives you access to specific demographics and enables you to hone in on the target audience your team is interested in reaching. It’s effective, inexpensive, and the results are easily measurable: what more do you want? Here are some helpful tips for your company before you start your next direct mail marketing campaign.


  • Identify Your Target Audience: Who do you want to attract (and retain) with your advertising campaign? The more information you have on your target audience, the more likely you are to find success. Sending out direct mail to a hodge-podge of potential customers might yield some success, but honing in on specific demographics is significantly more effective. But make sure you don’t go too niche with your campaign; if the volume isn’t enough, then you probably won’t get the results you were hoping for.


  • Plan the Next Step: So you sent out a letter to your intended audience—now what? Strategize a plan for ongoing mailing for a given campaign. Sending out one letter won’t be enough; it’s pretty rare to hit a home run on the first pitch. Send follow-up mail that builds off of the previous letter, so you build a rapport with the customer even though you’ll never actually be in the room with them while they listen to your pitch. Make sure your next letter capitalizes on the interest generated from the first letter, so your customers keep coming back for more.


  • Learn Something New with Every Letter: One of the key aspects of strategizing for a successful marketing campaign is taking stock of what works and (perhaps more importantly) what doesn’t work. If your strategy isn’t effective, evaluate other options and consider what might not be landing with your direct mail marketing campaign: is it a matter of the content not being direct enough? Are you reaching the right audience? Is the product you’re offering not landing in the right hands, or does the offer itself need to be fine-tuned? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself with every marketing campaign. Never stop learning from your mistakes; the second you stop moving forward, you’re going backward.


  • Engage Your Audience Directly: Your direct mail shouldn’t beat around the bush—implore your audience to take action. If you’re not building a sense of urgency, then they won’t be inclined to do what you’re asking of them. If a customer is on your mailing list, they’re there for a reason. You know why they’re on the list: now make sure THEY know why they’re on the list. If your advertising isn’t giving your audience a good enough reason why they should want to take the next step, then it’s time to reevaluate.


  • Track Your Results: Direct mail marketing strategies are cost-effective, easy to utilize, and allow your brand to reach a lot of households without too much effort. That doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for the letters to work their magic—including coupon codes, barcodes, special promotions, and other trackable information gives you the opportunity to tangibly see how well your campaign is performing. Give yourself a benchmark for what sort of return you want to see on your direct mail advertising campaign and track the results accordingly to see if you’re falling short and what adjustments you need to make.
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Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Direct Mail Company

You want to make sure your next direct mail marketing campaign is a success, but how do you make sure you get the results you need? Outsourcing your direct mail marketing to a full-service company is a great strategy for increasing brand awareness and reaching your target demographic. While your company may be experts in developing your product, marketing might not be your strong suit. There are a host of legal compliance standards, direct mail techniques, and other specific aspects of direct mail marketing that companies aren’t aware of that can lead to increased marketing costs and ineffective campaigns if you’re not careful.

Using Presort to outsource your next direct mail marketing campaign can be a huge boom for your company, and help you attract the specific customers you want using your product. Below are some benefits of working with a full-service direct mail company.

  • They’re already certified: Companies with next-to-no experience of direct mail marketing most likely aren’t aware of security qualifications they need to adhere to for their next campaign. You could hire a staff internally, but that would only cost you more money and most likely subtract from your advertising budget. Working with a full-service direct mail company with experience complying with legislation like the Data Protection Act (1998) and the GDPR (2018) is crucial for avoiding costly fines and keeping your campaign afloat.


  • Customized campaigns: Custom postcard printing and mailing services are one of many helpful solutions direct mail companies can offer. You want your marketing campaign to include the best parts of your product to build brand recognition, customer loyalty, and generate interest in your company. Presort provides custom printing services, mailing lists, and postcard designs so you can specialize your campaign to your exact standards.


  • They’re cost-effective: There are several services direct mail companies offer that is available at a lower price than an in-house team could offer. Presort provides savings through bulk mail ordering, sorting, and data analysis. If your in-house team is constantly trying to learn the ropes of a direct mail campaign, then you’re already wasting money. Choose a provider that has experience in the field and knows exactly what your brand needs to kickstart a successful marketing campaign.
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How Direct Mail Works with Digital Marketing Strategies

At first glance, direct mail and digital marketing strategies don’t seem like they’d go hand-in-hand—in fact, most people see them as different as night and day, separated by a firm generational line. So, how can direct mail marketing strategies coexist in a landscape seemingly dominated by more modern virtual marketing? First of all, it’s important to note that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Having a toe in each pool makes for an altogether well-rounded marketing approach and gives your company the best chance of reaching a broader audience. Here are some helpful ways a direct mail marketing campaign can not only coexist with your digital rollout but supplement it and increase your reach.

  • It gives your audience something to hold on to

Sure, sending an email is quicker than direct mail. But how much more cluttered is the average person’s inbox compared to their mailbox? Giving your audience something tangible to hold on to brings your company to life—you’re not a little box they can click out of without a second thought. Electronic information is significantly easier to discard and more difficult to trust. Direct mail marketing companies hone in on the idea that a letter is something personal that arrives at your specific home, rather than a simple email sent to hundreds or even thousands of people.

  • Your direct mail can actually direct traffic to your digital platform

It might seem like a roundabout way to generate web traffic, but including information in your direct mail is a great way to increase brand awareness and let people know about what next steps they need to take to use your product. Business owners rely on direct mail companies to generate urgency for their services by including helpful information in a letter; it’s easier to include more content in a letter than it is in a Tweet or Instagram post.

  • It’s cost-effective

Using a direct mail marketing strategy can result in significant cost savings for your next campaign. Presort’s customers save on marketing mail orders, so they can reach their target audience while spending less money than they would have had they just used a digital marketing strategy. With more money left over to spend on your digital marketing, you can have the best of both worlds.

  • It feels more personal

When building up your content before your next campaign launch, make sure that the targeted advertisements you’re sending out into the world are personal and specific. You don’t want your letter to simply end up in the junk mail pile. Digital marketing strategies are meant to reach a broad audience in as little time as possible, while letters—whether they’re envelope mailers, postcards, self-mailers, or other marketing materials—still have that personalized feel that digital marketing can’t lay claim to. Sure, everyone might be using social media these days (You should be, too!), but there’s still something to be said for the effectiveness of direct mail.

  • You can target a specific audience (and quantify useful data)

You’re probably wondering how direct mail marketing companies can claim that they can target audiences with the same precision and reporting capabilities as a digital marketing company. But direct mail campaigns rely on unique mailing lists to identify their target demographics, so their product reaches a specific audience that fits perfectly with their brand identity. Including coupons with barcodes also enables specific tracking, so you can see exactly where and how your audience used your product.

Give your business the best chance of achieving success—don’t limit yourself to one specific marketing strategy when you can have the best of both worlds.