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Why Direct Mail Matters for Your Political Campaign

Direct Mail Political Campaigns Are More Effective Than You Think! Political ads—you see them all the time, good or bad. This candidate hates puppies; how can they possibly be trusted to run our great state? Or, since they announced their candidacy for Governor, over five people have said that they’ve personally witnessed him pick his […]

Millennials and Direct Mailing

The internet is an indispensable part of everyday life for nearly everyone. Some more so than others, as millennials are spending a lot of time online, reading blogs, browsing social media, reading email. The internet provides everything that used to be done by leaving the house. If you had a question about a topic you […]

How to Use Variable Data to Improve Direct Mail Response

Variable data is a powerful tool for brands who are trying to send a targeted message to their customers. Variable printing is another term for personalized printing. It allows for the personalization of direct mail without slowing down the production process. Digital print tactics are so effective yet so underutilized. The ability to target customers […]

5 Advantages in Outsourcing Your Statement Printing Needs

Printing and mailing may not seem like a difficult task; but when you’re a business, it can be a huge burden. Not only is it a lot of work to get the mail out accurately and on-time, but it also uses a lot of time and resources. If you print, assemble, and mail your monthly […]

4 Digital Printing Advantages You Should Know for your Next Print Job

Many printing projects require quick turnaround times and variable data. This is where digital printing comes in. Digital printing is the specific method of printing directly from a graphics file or computer-generated digital image using a high-volume laser printer or high-speed inkjet printer. Printing has made huge advancements over the years, and there are several […]

Tips for Designing Your Marketing Materials for Print

While many companies believe that print is a dying medium, good marketers know that an effective marketing strategy includes a good mix of every medium, including print. Making direct mail a part of your overall marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to reach customers and a great way to personalize your message. If you have […]

The Importance of Warehousing for E-commerce Businesses

Companies understand that many of their customers are searching for products online, which is why most have shifted their focus towards competition on the cyber market. Consumers today are able to browse through entire store catalogues from the comfort of their couch, and nowadays, multi-billion-dollar enterprises are exclusively online. As a business grows and tries […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Printing Company

Finding the right printing company to help you implement an effective marketing strategy can make or break your company’s success. If you choose a provider that delivers sub-par work and makes it more difficult to reach your long-term business goals, then it could spell disaster for you trying to reach the audience you need to […]

Tips for Custom Postcard Printing

To reach the broadest audience possible, you need to diversify your marketing strategy. While conventional digital marketing coupled with old-fashioned direct mail campaigns are effective, you need to find a unique way for your brand, campaign, or organization to stand out from the pile of mail your customers receive every day. With custom postcard printing, […]


Plan Your Political Mail Campaign with Presort

Direct mail campaigns are one of the best ways to improve your clients’ visibility and give them a better chance of winning. So much of winning a campaign comes from how effectively you market—whether it’s appealing to an oft-forgotten demographic or reinforcing support within your existing voter-base, increasing awareness for your candidate is the only […]